Our focus now is to reach the semi-urban and rural industrial areas where the supply of PPE is lacking


1. Intro about our organization and its products and services - Acme Safety Wears Limited is one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of PPE products. The company manufactures Industrial Safety Gloves, Shoes, Garments, Helmets & belts.

The company specializes in manufacturing Safety Hand Gloves as per the job requirements of customers and customizing the hand gloves for specific needs for over 30 years.

We have branch offices and warehouses in six locations across the country from where we cater and service all our customers.


2. Focus areas for Acme Safety Wears in the year 2022 –

Since we have a presence in all the big cities our focus now is to reach the semi-urban and rural industrial areas where the supply of PPE is lacking or not sufficient.  


3. New products and solutions that we are launching -  

  • Rescue Kit
  • Painting and Maintenance Kit
  • Premium Shoes with and without laces.
  • Our new age PPE is to give the customer the option of customization according to their specific purpose.

4. Marketing initiatives to advance safety in Indian industries –

Providing the Right Gear for the Job – It is a basic understanding that all employees must be dressed appropriately for their job. In deciding the appropriate preventative gear to distribute to your employees, risk and hazard assessment must be performed first. We have a dedicated team of 15 people to exhibit and demonstrate how to properly use the products.


Risk Assessment – By identifying potential hazards and safety risks at your facility, we can begin to introduce preventative solutions to heavily reduce worksite accidents. Depending on your industry these hazards include slips and falls, bacterial contamination, chemical exposure, and much more. We also have a team of engineers to guide and advise the proper product for the proper industrial use.


5. Our Plan for the future –

As we are trying to reach the rural and urban industrial areas, we are planning to increase our production capacity in safety shoes, harnesses, and helmets in the coming year. 

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